Dakila party at PETA

I’ll try to update my blogs more now that WordPress allows you to just cut & paste Instagram links into your blog. Here’s some photos from last night’s Dakila.ph’s ActiveVista HumanRights Film Festival 2012 closing ceremonies and awarding at the PETA-Phinma theater. with the lovely lovely @stephltan of @DakilaPH A post shared by Paul "The […]

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What do grad students in math do all day?

Also: http://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2012/11/03/abc-proof-too-tough-even-for-mathematicians/o9bja4kwPuXhDeDb2Ana2K/story.html Answer by Yasha Berchenko-Kogan: A lot of math grad school is reading books and papers and trying to understand what's going on. The difficulty is that reading math is not like reading a mystery thriller, and it's not even like reading a history book or a New York Times article. The main issue […]

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