Happy New Year 2018!

Time to start posting again – it’s 2018! Been reading up on a few things so here’s a list: How Lightning Network works Demystifying Hashgraphs (it’s permissioned btw) Fundamental Challeges to Public Blockchains by Preethi Kasireddy Hugo Nguyen on Charlie Lee divesting his LTC Naval Ravikant on how the blockchain will replace existing networks with […]

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Dakila party at PETA

I’ll try to update my blogs more now that WordPress allows you to just cut & paste Instagram links into your blog. Here’s some photos from last night’s Dakila.ph’s ActiveVista HumanRights Film Festival 2012 closing ceremonies and awarding at the PETA-Phinma theater. with the lovely lovely @stephltan of @DakilaPH A post shared by Paul "The […]

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What do grad students in math do all day?

Also: http://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2012/11/03/abc-proof-too-tough-even-for-mathematicians/o9bja4kwPuXhDeDb2Ana2K/story.html Answer by Yasha Berchenko-Kogan: A lot of math grad school is reading books and papers and trying to understand what's going on. The difficulty is that reading math is not like reading a mystery thriller, and it's not even like reading a history book or a New York Times article. The main issue […]

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