Using Polly with Lambda

Tried using Polly with Lambda and here’s the code:

import json
import boto3

def lambda_handler(event, context):
# TODO implement
polly_client = boto3.Session(region_name=’us-east-1′).client(‘polly’)
# aws_access_key_id=,
# aws_secret_access_key=,
# region_name=’us-west-2′).client(‘polly’)

response = polly_client.synthesize_speech(VoiceId=’Joanna’,
Text = ‘This is a sample text to be synthesized.’)

file = open(‘/tmp/speech.mp3’, ‘wb’)

s3 = boto3.client(‘s3’)
with open(“/tmp/speech.mp3”, “rb”) as f:
s3.upload_fileobj(f, “paulpajo.bucket.xxxxx”, “speechconvert.mp3”)

return {
‘statusCode’: 200,
‘body’: json.dumps(‘Hello from Lambda!’)

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