LifeHack #1337: How to get your CSB Faculty ID activated ASAP

Commented on RJ Dy’s comment that her DLS-CSB faculty wasn’t yet deactivated with Lifehack #1337:

after the guard let’s you in – immediately proceed to registrar & show your load form so your ID can be activated

of course, there’s no LifeHack 1 to 1336 (okay there might be a #42 but I have to find it). So I guess I need to enumerate my lifehacks so I can remember it. Maybe I’ll just update this blog post ūüôā

Here we go:

#1 When running long distances (32K and ultramarathon distances), it helps to have a cap – not only can it be used to block sun glare but if you have a very thin plastic bag – you can insert ice bags into it and use the cap to put the “ice bag” in place. It helps lower your core body temperature actually.

#2 if you find yourself opening the same website everyday – try finding an RSS (feedproxy?) feed and put it on an IFTTT trigger and have it email to a unique GMail account that you can access via your smartphone. Not only will you have a niftier browsing experience (no lag!) but it saves you all those minutes waiting for the browser to render the pages. Limit this to one or two sites you really like. Mine is

#3 When you think you’ve run out of ideas – just go to and see if you can localize one of their concepts.

#4 If you want to see how the YCombinator guys actually push for product development on their sites – again, browse through

#5 need two-factor authentication like they use in GMail? Try

#6 Haven’t activated your 2-factor authentication in GMail – you should! It’ll give your peace of mind that you’re the only one that can access your GMail. Here are two posts that might help you:¬†¬†and¬†

#7 Need data sets to practice Matrix Factorization algorithms like SVD (single value decomposition? Try (Try the who will survive the Titanic disaster contest)

#8 The EASIEST way to SHOW SVD: (bonus: Tiger Woods is in it!)

#9 How to use the Golf SVD tutorial in R –¬†

#10 Okay – you don’t want to install R – online version?¬†

#11 R via Sage and Online (see 2nd comment):

#12 List of R tutorials:

#13 “Hello World” in Malbolge¬†¬†via Matthias Ernst¬†



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