Where and How can you find the perfect tech start-up co-founder in Manila?


Answer by Paul Amerigo Pajo:

Ten Other Ideas

1. Teach in a tech school – some of our students were actually doing their second degree.

2. Get outside of you national capital's CBD – if you're seeing the same people, it might be that you're attending the same scene. I didn't nearly see the same people that I met in dev events in Laoag, Lucena, Davao, Bacolod and Cebu in Metro Manila and vice versa. Hey, it's time to have more dev events in Boracay, CDO, General Santos City, Batangas, Vigan, Dumaguete or even surf-friendly Siargao.

3. Post on HN or other startup-related boards. I'm sure there's someone out there wanting to try out Asia. Chile seems to be very good in pitching that startups move to South America. Canada with their newly minted startup visa might take a page from the Chile startup playbook also.

4. It's a numbers game – if 8 out 10 startups fail, you'll get to the 2 successful startups soon enough. Are you on Startup #5 already? 😉

5. You might not even need a co-founder – check out Unofficial Y Combinator Company List – pick a startup from Summer 2012 or even Winter 2012, ask them if they want Southeast Asia representation and localize their startup for the Philippines or Southeast Asia. Voila! You're practically a co-founder if you're Employee #xx ( < 99 )

6. Start your own Startup event but do it in places where they don't normally have it in Metro Manila: Startup Pateros anyone? Startup Paranaque? Startup Caloocan? Startup Valenzuela? You can even go for Startup Ayala Alabang (hey, that's never been done before!). You'll probably attract startuppers who don't frequently venture outside of their North or South urban/suburban enclaves.

7. Manila is 15 million people by day and about 12 million by night – why? About 3-4 million people commute in and out from the nearby provinces. Why don't we have a startup event in Bulacan or even Laguna? (That's near enough Manila too!)

8. Run the Manila version of App Academy – you know those people who frequently attend technopreneur bootcamps? There might just be a technical co-founder there somewhere? You can find out in nine weeks? Just rent an internet cafe for nine weeks 🙂

9. Run a KickStarter / Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money campaign – there's a lot of success for game startups in these platforms and De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde is graduating their first batch of Game Designers & Developers. If you can raise the money maybe they'll join you?

10. Is there a Korean or Chinese service that can be run more cheaply here in the Philippines vs. in South Korea or China? An inspiration for this would be http://popupschinese.com by David Lancanshire.

Happy Startupping! 🙂

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