Don Henricos’ Fun Run 2011 (for the benefit of Sagip Buhay) Results

3K (Male)

1. Mervin Guarte 9:05.48

2. Michael Bacong 9:06.68

3. Willie Rotich 9:07.70

3K (Female)

1. Luisa Raterta 15:39.30

2. Mary Grace Dela Torre 15:43.93

3. Lovely Gemeroy 15:51.37

5K (Male)

1. Alquin Bolivar 17:18.00

2. Jojit De Asis 18:20.60

3. Rami Lacson 18:58.79

5K (Female)

1. Irine Kipchumba 17:51:07

2. Nhe-Ann Barcena 17:58.00

3. Michelle De Vera 18:06.79

10K (Male)

1. S. Tuwei 28:50.58

2. James Midei 29:05.50

3. Justin Tabunda 30:44.25

10K (Female)

1. Joan Jeruto 32:42.25

2. Susan Jemutai 32:43:14

3. Janet Lomibao 38:24.61

The Don Henrico’s Run proved to be a great run – over 2,000 actually signed up and ran – the singlet’s and finisher’s shirt included in the kit had a 500 GC and ALL THE PROCEEDS went to SAGIP BUHAY (how many races can say that?). The water and Gatorade at the water stations were overflowing and even the Hawaiian (!!!) pizza at the end proved to be a hit! There’s not a lot of sunset runs nowadays and being on a Saturday – it’s a good time to run if you’re into back-to-back runs to simulate your glycogen depletion.  The race director could have improved on the marshalls and the markers but I’m sure they can work on that next year.  Congratulations to Heidi Ng and Don Henrico’s for this race – not bad for a first-timer! 🙂

(disclaimer: Heidi is a friend)


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