TONIGHT! SonicLogo.TV presents Paul David Hewson Day



Paul David Hewson Day
“Music Can Change The World Because It Can Change People”


Julianne (covers “Beautiful Day”)
Lampara (covers “New Year’s Day”)
Flying Ipis (covers “With or Without You”)
Turbo Goth
The Bernadettes (covers “The Sweetest Thing”)
College Coed
Stela Mariz (covers “I Will Follow”)
The Jeffrey Zulueta Experience

9pm Tuesday
May 10 2011
Cafe Saguijo

gig-poster download at:
credits to VectorPortal for the gig-poster image:

Uhm, ***WHO*** are these bands?

Here’s the concept – you only have ONE NIGHT a MONTH to attend an indie music prodnight because either you are too busy or because of budgetary constraints – here’s something for you – different sounds from different bands (sometimes there’s a theme! sometimes!) .

Many times, some of the songs are so new it’s not even that complete yet. You get the picture. Drop by and start appreciating our very own Filipino independent (yes that’s indie!) music scene!

The Requisite BAND PAGES:

10 tips to enjoy the SonicLogo.TV experience:

1. Sometimes, we have themes – in this instance it’s Bono’s birthday so try to ask the band what song they are covering and expect them to give it their signature sound. Imagine what Turbo Goth can do to a U2 song – you get my drift?

2. Come early – we start on time – so if you’re trying to catch one of your favorite bands or you want to listen to one for the first time – you’ll miss your chance if you’re late. Really. Ask around 🙂

3. The requisite band pages are there for a reason – check out the band’s demos, like their fb pages, buzz them that you’re going, find out the lyrics of the songs and sing along come prodnight time

4. Bring your friends – it’s great to experience indie music prodnights with people who share your love for music.

5. Find out who the members of the bands are and try to say hello to them – they’ll appreciate it!

6. If the bands have schwags/merch – try to get it (t-shirts, stickers, EPs, CDs, demos etc.) and have it autographed. Oh bring your own silver/gold/black/blue marker please!

7. Bring a camera or a video and capture the experience. Ask the band or the manager permission first. Try not to use blinding flash/or point it directly to the band – try pointing your flash to the ceiling. Take about 10-15 pix and just get 1-2; have fun getting DECENT pix in Saguijo’s low-light atmosphere.

8. Patronize Saguijo – the food there is great! Check out the street food in and outside of Saguijo also – the fishballs are awesome if they’re there!

9. Ask the band/s when their next gigs are (and go there!). Check out the gig board also outside SaGuijo – there’s almost always a prodnight/gig happening there except on Mondays & Sundays (yes, SaGuijo honors the Sabbath that’s probably why it’s so successful! Biblical principles FTW!)

10. Post your pix/videos/shout-outs on your Facebook/Plurk/Twitter/Foursquare while you’re there (hey, it’s the 21st Century!) and show your friends who didn’t come what they missed! Bring them to the next SonicLogo.TV prodnight. Or better yet support the other prodnights also!

11. This is extra – like this page and share it also 🙂 Please follow me on and say hello if you bump into me in SaGuijo 🙂 Feel free to add me on Facebook also –


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