TONIGHT! 2DiDiDoo presents

2DiDiDoo productions


The Naked Lights
My Wanderlust
Tiny Cactus
Flicker Fusion


Barbie Almalbis

150PHP = gets you in + a drink!
930pm Tuesday
November 9, 2010
Route 196, Katipunan Avenue

special thanks to Martin Honasan for the gig-poster 🙂


go to and type “14.6177518N 121.0718197E”

MRT: Going to Trinoma, get off Annapolis Station, take a Jeep from EDSA corner Boni Serrano, get off the jeep at the corner of the street when it turns left towards Cubao from Boni Serrano. Walk a little bit and at the corner where jeeps are turning LEFT towards Boni Serrano, take a jeep and then get off (it’s less than 1km) Boni Serrano and Katipunan. You can walk towards Route 196 from there. You can also get a taxi from that corner where jeepneys turn left towards Boni Serrano. It’s usually about 40-45 pesos :). If you’re going towards Taft MRT Station, get off Annapolis & then walk the walkway so you’ll end up on the other side of EDSA.

LIBIS: No idea if there’s a jeep from there to somewhere near Route, if any of the event page admins knows how to do this commute, please edit this 🙂

TAXI/CAR: Find your way anywhere near EDSA corner BONI SERRANO and you’re here. You need to get off ACROSS KATIPUNAN from Bite Shop and walk a little bit to Route 196 because you’ll probably be exiting from the tunnel. If you end up in Bite Shop, look right and left and find yourself to Route 196, it’s RIGHT across!


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