The Adobo Run After Dark – are you ready for it?

originally posted at NaturalHealth.PH

If you’ve been having difficulty getting up for those early morning races then here’s something special from the people behind Adobo magazine – a night run! I’ve been asking race organizers why they don’t have more of these kind of runs and it turns out that these kind of runs are at least twice more expensive than your regular early morning race because you need to have more marshalls when it’s after dark and you need more precautions because of the dangers inherent to running without the benefit of daylight. I ran my first after dark run during the Epic Run 250 where I had to run a leg that was after 6pm and was running in unfamiliar territory in the province and it was a very different feeling running in places where you didn’t know what was in store for you. At one point, I even heard someone shouting at me from their houses to stop running and come in for dinner – and I said to myself that this just simply doesn’t happen when you run in Metro Manila!

A week after completing that relay, RepubLikha had their first Rock and Run and it was also a night run with a twist – they had rock bands scattered all over the race course – I think it was like every kilometer interval – but it got rained out! So it actually became the first time that I ran a night race while raining! There was torrential downpour from the start of the race up to about the 7 kilometer marker and if you think visibility is hard during a night run, think about how visibility will be hard when it’s a night run and it’s raining! Which brings me to some thoughts about what you need:

1. Recon the route – check out the race maps: and then recon the route before race day – it’s a night run – you might get disoriented during the race and you might miss your turns.

2. Be visible – bring out your reflectorized gear – visors, shirts, shorts, shoes, wristbands etc. You can also get one of those reflectorized vests that traffic enforcers wear so you’re very, very visible during the race. You never know what the motorized traffic flow is going to be and sometimes, some of these disgruntled drivers would just overtake their lanes and you wouldn’t want to be the “invisible” runner in front of a vehicle when that happens.

3. Bring a headlight – or if you’re not into this, bring a small LED flashlight – these devices are small, light and will light up your way – sure, there might be lamp posts around the route but what if those lights conk out?

4. Train at night – try to train at night at least once before race day – you don’t need to go long – even a 3Km run will help just so your mind is accustomed to running at night – if you can do it on the route then it’s much, much better

5. Be ready for rain – it’s super typhoon season and if the race is rain-or-shine that get ready to get drenched! For women, that means not wearing those white or light colored singlets and for those who get blisters when their socks get wet – make sure your toes and your feet are taped! So there you go! If you haven’t registered yet – go to R.O.X. today or find out the details at

So there you have it! You’re now ready to run after dark – put on those night goggles (I’m joking …) and start running! 🙂


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