Major, Major: Repeating (Austronesian) with Spanish-influenced words

If you speak Tagalog/Filipino, you should be familiar on how we repeat words for emphasis like: basang-basa (very wet), tuyong-tuyo (very dry), kulit-kulit (very irritatingly persistent). We also use this emphasis for Spanish influenced words such as: kalbong-kalbo (very bald), hustong-husto (very appropriate), purgang-purga (very overwhelmed). Do we use this for English words/adjectives that Tagalog/Filipino has borrowed? Venus Raj put this into the limelight when she precisely did that when she used “major, major” in her answer for a Ms. Universe question. Apparently, although this neologism is fairly new, it has already captured the imagination of so many Filipinos that it led Gang Badoy to comment:

“…Don’t get me wrong Venus Raj – on you it was (at that point) ok, delightful even (stretch yan) but 93 million x 24/7 is downright HELL…

Can you think of other instances where words borrowed from English can be repeated for emphasis?


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