Project 365

inspired by Ailene Ponce’s From Changes to Project 365 I’m going to start blogging here again. What’s new so far?

1. I hear Pale Yellow Light’s cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall last night at Cafe Alfonso and it was awesome!

2. I heard Ailene Ponce do a full set with Tim Cada! Wow! And also, Aia De Leon of Imago jammed with Tim! (Again, at Cafe Alfonso)

3. Saw Kevin Roy jam with his own brother Karl Roy at a a G.A.P. (Guilty Acoustic Pleasures) gig last night at Saguijo. Juno of FEEN also jammed. Of course Kess was on guitars. So it was the Roy brothers playing while the Esteban (Fay and Belle) sisters from Cuyo listening. It was Belle’s first time in Saguijo and she was supposed to be on her flight back at 5am.

4. Loving the dark chocolate, peppermint and spearmint bar at Chocolate Fire!

5. If you love cheap phones try the E100 (discontinued …) and the A75 from Torque. If you want a tri-sim card (yes, 3 sim cards in ONE PHONE) try the Torque Trinity

6. Taught Applied Mathematics (APLIMAT) for the new Game Development and Design course in Benilde for the 1st time. Nose bleed is an understatement – try Google-ing quaternions.

7. Taught Project Management (PRJ-MGT) for the Computer Applications course in Benilde for the 1st time. My students put together an IT Conference, an IT competition and also a fashion show after-party with 16 designers and were featured in ! Wow.

8. Training for my first ultramarathon (50K) in November. I hope I survive it.

9. Training Kat Atillo for her first half-marathon (21K) at Camsur Marathon

10. Reading the ESV (English Standard Version) for the 1st time.

That’s my first 10 – I hope to updated daily! 🙂


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