I just finished the Epic Relay 250! :)

post-race Pace Partners phot-op

Here’s my thoughts on the race at the Takbo.Net forum:

“… very memorable race indeed! I ran legs 2, 12 and 22. Here’s some of my take:

leg 2 (start from Freeport gasoline station end at Darwin’s Tavern)

passed by a female runner who was at a loss whether to turn left or right – I figured it was a left turn because the runner who was ahead of me turned left. It was around 8:30am but I could feel already the hot sun and I was thinking that this didn’t feel like an ordinary 5.6K distance. Got passed by a woman runner wearing a SMART uniform. The course had some slight ups and downs but it was manageable. Heard after this run that one of the Yahoo Team runners got hit by a bike 300m just before Running Exchange Point. We also started this race minus one runner because just prior to start of the race our runner for leg 8, 18 and 28 had hypokalemia. Ugh. Forgettable time. It was so hot I was glad I made it to the REP.

leg 12 (start from Victoria Roman Memorial High School, Pilar Bataan end at Binukawan Elementary School at Bagac, Bataan)

I was the first runner to run with the reflector vest and headlamp since I started exactly at 5:30pm (vest and lamps required by race from 530am to 530pm for safety purposes). Since I love hill running, I decided to turn up the pace as the sun was about to go down and I was in no danger of heating up. One lady on the side shouted “Nakakapagod yang takbo, kain muna kayo” (or something like that). Somewhere in the middle of the 9km distance I saw another runner in a yellow reflector vest who looked like the runner I was trailing in leg 2. I decided to see if I could overtake him since I was still feeling good and making good time. I passed him by when he was hydrating and then turned on the heat. Just before I was going to hydrate, I heard his footsteps behind me and he passed me by. I was about 200m away from our support vehicle when I decided to to see if this guy was serious and accelerated a bit – he also turned on the heat. I slowed down to got an ice water sponge and some gatorade and told my fellow runners that I was going to get this guy on the downhill. They would later remark that it was funny seeing the two of us sprinting with each other and thought that I knew the other runner. I tried to catch the guy on the downhill but it seemed that every time I was very near him that he would just slightly accelerate so that I couldn’t overtake him. I finished about 5 seconds later than the guy and I congratulated him at the REP – “good pace, man!”. “Okay ka ah” he replied back to me with an amazed face. I was wondering why he was amazed that I chased him when I caught the number on his bib – 001. Oh wow. That was the unmistakable number of the Pinoy Ultra Runners and I think his name was Gilbert. Hahaha. I was trying to overtake an ultra-marathoner! No wonder I couldn’t accelerate past him! All that sprinting made me PR at 53 minutes. That’s an almost sub-2 hour pace for a 21k! The last time I tried that pace, I lasted only 3K. Thanks Pinoy Ultra Runners!

Leg 22 (start Subic National High School, Subic end at Nagbunga Basketball Court, Castillejos)

I was excited about this leg because I had seen this route before when I tried surfing in this area. Since we were providing support for this leg – we saw that there were only about 3-4 runners ahead of our team: PNP, Runnerspeak (with their Kenyan runners), and 2 more teams. I decided to see if could better my Leg 12 PR and ran like crazy. I started at 430am and the cool temperature of the breaking dawn just made me more motivated to run as fast as I could. For some weird reason – It didn’t feel like a 10K run – more like 12k or something but I think I was running about a 5.7 minutes/km pace on average as I was breathing like crazy during hydration. My teammates were asking me to take it easy as I couldn’t even talk during hydration breaks. I figured that since this was my last leg – I might as well go for broke! I couldn’t figure out the time but if my mental calculations was right this might have been my first 56 minute 10K – another PR! w00t!

lots of memories for this race and if you’re asking yourself if you should join the next Epic Relay Run in 2011 — please do! There’s no better way to see the country in 28 hours than this way – it’s like running and watching 30 consecutive fun runs with almost no sleep!

Here’s a video from fellow Pace Partner David Bonifacio of Joshua Suarez running Leg 20 (about 7K from Freeport Gasoline Station to The Lighthouse in Subic). David is the one speaking. Laughing in the background is Josiah Sicad, Edrick Co and Arnel Vizmonte. Here’s another one – where David outs me for providing them with “reflector sports bras” hehehe.

post-race Pace Partners phot-op


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