Time for the Vulnerable to STANDUP to a Climate Challenged World

from Iliac Diaz:

“Its time to MOVE on climate change and go beyond PETITIONS. We need to move to 90% local on the ground actions, 10% campaign ad registrations. Addressing climate change requires a mix of mitigation and adaptation. This requires a separation of urgency for more mitigation for industrialized countries and more adaptation for developing countries. The Philippines will not be a significant carbon emitter by a long shot, but as a country we are the top five in the world when it comes to property and human lives lost because we don’t have a plan “b” for when the impact of climate changes HIT us. The day ONDOY (Ketsana) put 80% of the capital city of Manila underwater must not be forgotten and marks the day where climate change became very real for all of us. Song by Boogie Romero and Musical Direction by Mark Laccay. VIDEO direction by Henry Posadas. Thanks to Sony Corp Philippines for initiating the sponsorship of the project (eqpt and studio time) and the support of all the other record labels for the artists. This is only possible through the 47 United Filipino Artists that came to support the cause of awareness of climate adaptation for a country hit by constant typhoons. Please spread the word.”

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo


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