How to update the Ondoy Missing Persons Map

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Our CEO Franklin Naval has been doing a yeoman’s job of updating the maps that are featured on the “Help for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines” landing page hosted by Google. The Philippines is now bracing for the onslaught of a category 5 typhoon named “Pepeng” (international code name: Parma) just right after “Ondoy” (international name: Ketsana) it devastated not only the Philippines but Vietnam, Cambodia and even Laos. I don’t think Franklin can go on forever updating the maps so I’ll go through a walkthrough to show everyone HOW EASY this is and if we distribute the load to 20-40 people who know how to blog, this will be over in 10 MINUTES TOPS!

NOTE: Click on the photos for high-resolution

The first step is to have access to the spreadsheet (make sure you have an invite to EDIT via a GMail address – twitter me @pageman or @franknaval to get an invite). You’ll see the spreadsheet like this:

How to Upate the Ondoy Missing Persons Map

The cells with red circles are the relevant information needed – the last two cells on the right under On Map? and Who? indicates if the missing persons have been mapped already (NOT YET) and who mapped it (BLANK FOR NOW)

To find the Missing Persons Map, you can just Google “Ondoy” and you should be able to see the Google landing page for Ondoy – you should see several layers – what is of interest to you would be the Missing Persons Layer

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

Once you click on “Missing Persons” it should bring you the Typhoon Ondoy Missing persons page

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

You’ll have to scroll down and locate the “Disaster Coordination Tool (Typhoon Ondoy)” link

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

You will now be on the update page – try to put in the location details and the click the “Find” button until you can approximate the location where you want the marker to be (you might need to do some trial-and-error but you’ll get used to this after a few entries.

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

For this example, we’re trying to place the marker for “Sta Barbara, San Mateo, Rizal” which Google Maps actually finds – once you’re satisfied where the marker (yes! the red coloured teardrop-shaped thingie) is – go ahead and fill out the details on the left side (you can get the info from the spreadsheet!)

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

Once you’ve put in all the relevant information, click on “Report” – the page will now prompt you to double-check your entries

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

Double-check your entries and if you’re happy that everything is in order, click on “Ok” and it will be sent. You should see the next page that says:

“Successfully saved your report.
Please report as much information for the authorities.
Thank you!”

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

Go back to the spreadsheet and then under the column “On Map?” mark it “Yes” and on “Who”, put your name in. If there’s not enough info to locate the marker you can just mark it with “Needs More Info” and then sign your name

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

You should then be able to see your mapped “Missing Person” on the “Missing Persons” layer in the Google Landing Page after you Save the spreadsheet and close it

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

You can zoom in to check your entry

How to Update the Missing Persons Map

The whole system was put up to cover a whole swath of disaster area comprising of several cities. This can be built on a baranggal level so that there’s enough granularity to account for every citizen. The great thing is that this can be hosted on the cloud and can complement existing disaster management systems like and HISG‘s International Disaster Response Network. Some of my IS students in Benilde were able to update these maps in a few minutes with minimum instructions – it should be something straightforward and simple enough for everyone else.

If you want to put up your Disaster Response and Management Systems in the cloud or even be trained about it – give us a buzz on @quadraforte

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo


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