CITIZEN SAFE – we demand better safety and law enforcement for great good

CITIZEN SAFE at SweetSpot@Saguijo



a series of gigs under one campaign

We demand better training for law enforcers
We demand more efficient crime investigation methods
We demand a swifter justice system

CITIZEN SAFE gigs are in celebration of the life of RockEd Radio’s Alexis Tioseco, Nika Bohinc, Ariel, Peng and Adrian Eguid. This is also our expression of outrage over their untimely deaths and a plea of justice for them from the authorities.

CITIZEN SAFE will give us a chance to share our ideas on how we can support and protect each other against crimes. Discussions in between sets encouraged


September 30 – Locked Down Entertainment
October 2 – SweetSpot
October 9 – Helter Shelter
October 10 – Revolver Productions
October 13 – RockEd Radio
October 15 – Admit One


Dream Carousel
Action Pact
The Late Isabel
Encounters with a Yeti
Beatbox Philippines
and Jack Rufo’s newest band – Persephone!

150php gets you in!


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