Perceived antiomian leadership leads to license for greater antinomianism

The last few weeks – what’s in the news, aside from the early campaigning of our would-be and wannabe political leaders are the violent deaths of Alexis Tioseco, Nika Bohinc, Adrian Coderes, Mark Reyes and now the Eguid Family – Ariel, Pilar and Adrian. Add to that the supposed digital camera shooting from a Cebu political scion and what do you have? An atmosphere of lawlessness? I think you need to find a stronger word for it – and the word that comes to mind is antinomianism.

A quick scan of Wikipedia gives the definition:

“in theology, is the idea that members of a particular religious group are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality, and that “Salvation” is by predestination only.”

Most people would have no problem with the 2nd part if they believe in a “calling” from God but to pursue the logical conclusion on believing the first part is what will lead us to this sense of lawlessness that pervades our society today. I lived in Afghanistan for a few years and you could understand why lawlessness exists in a society where there are competing warlords and there are were no real laws for many years. But when you are supposedly in the only Christian nation in Asia and the first Asian republic – the question begs to be asked – what exactly is happening and why is there a sense of helplessness in seeing justice quickly and rightfully served? If you were not a religious person (call yourself an atheist/agnostic/free thinker) then even Eric Hobsbawm’s commentary on communities not having an obligation to obey any set of rules qualifies as a commentary on how antinomian our society has become.

I’m going to write more on this – but here’s my observation – if we perceive our leaders to be antinomian (or “pasaway” in every sense of that word) – it goes without saying it would encourage or even license the private citizen to become more so. It behooves our leaders to be the epitome of a law-abiding Filipino to reverse this trend in our society


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