Watch Esperanza Spalding LIVE in Manila – VIP Style!

Esperanza Spalding


Okay – I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz and you now know that Esperanza Spalding is going to be playing LIVE at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza BUT you think 3,000 pesos is too expensive for the front seats (my question: Compared to what? You’d rather fly to the U.S.? anyway …) or even the 1,500 pesos for a seat that’s a little bit farther. So I called up Soul Experiment (yeah, those wonderful people with Pen Uy who organize those wonderful neo-soul production nights) and asked if they have a couple of VIP Tickets (yes, the one that should set you back 10,000 pesos each) that I could raffle off to my fellow bloggers.

So here goes:

1. I got two VIP tickets that costs 10,000 pesos each (total cost 20,000 pesos). I’m going to give it away to the blogger who posts an answer to these two questions:

   a.) Why do would you want to watch Esperanza Spalding Live in Manila and

   b.) What questions would you ask Esperanza if you could interview her live (not that you would, but what if you could?)

2. The blog post should be AT LEAST 1,000 words long (not including the title).  You can check out Luis Katigbak’s “Esperanza, Arriving” article and/or Jim Ayson’s The Bass & The Face blog post and at least one picture of Esperanza (find a Creative Commons picture somewhere)

3. Once you’re done with your post, add me on Twitter and reference your blog post article with the hashtag #esperanza and reply to via a @pageman

4. Add me on Plurk also and reply to this Plukr Post with a link to you blog post.

5. I’ll announce the winner one day before the concert – August 14 – you need to be able to meet me at Sofitel on Saturday, August 15 either during the afternoon (on or before here bazz clinic) or a hour before her concert.

6. Ideally, you should be here in the Philippines – if for some reason you really post a GREAT POST and you’re not from the Philippines AND you can’t fly in BUT would like to GET the TICKETS as souvenirs – I’ll hold it for you until you find someone who can get it for you.

7. If for some reason I can’t find an appropriate blog post – I reaserve the RIGHT not to give away any VIP tickets – same situation if there was any force majeure that precludes me from giving away those tickets!

8. Once you got those tickets – pls. Twitter/Plurk/Blog that you’ve already gotten it – I would appreciate a blog post also of how you liked the bass clinic and the concert!

So blog, blog, blog, away!


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