WaTunes partners with Amazon for On-Demand CD Service

from PRNewsWire, MyPRGenie and the WaTunes Blog:

WaTunes, the revolutionary social media service that enables artists and record labels to sell their music entirely free on iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound has announced a strategic partnership with Amazon to offer physical CD distribution On-Demand. Through this partnership, WaTunes VIP customers will be able to gain access to the Amazon On-Demand and the AmazonMP3 music store completely free, while free customers will be able to opt-in to the On-Demand and AmazonMP3 service for $10 per album. WaTunes will pass all royalties from Amazon to the artist. Jon A. Zerba, President of WaTunes says:

 “Here at WaTunes, we’re all about listening to our customers. One of the great challenges is providing the proper platforms for artists to showcase their music with their fans. Now, with WaTunes offering On-Demand, artists will be able to provide a means of CD distribution through Amazon at the lowest cost with our revolutionary model.”

 WaTunes currently distributes titles from notable artists including Verity, Chubb Rock, and Makell Bird. Kevin Rivers, CEO of WaTunes says:

 “With the new On-Demand service, we’re now able to provide a whole new medium where our customers can gain traction, a new format of distribution, and offer tangible products to their fans while increasing their sales portfolio. We are very excited to be able to work with Amazon and provide On-Demand distribution to our customers.”


WaTunes will work hand-in-hand with Amazon’s CreateSpace to encode the music of independent artists and record labels worldwide and will work directly with Amazon to provide any marketing & promotional opportunities using the new On-Demand service.


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