EPIC FAIL: National Bookstore will think you are a shoplifter if they DON’T bag your purchase


Just a few minutes ago I just got stopped by the National Bookstore guard at Greenbelt 1 when I was already out of the store – I asked “Do I look like a shoplifter?”. The guard replies “Sir, the book that you’re holding on to is not a plastic bag”. I asked “Is it my fault if it’s NOT in a plastic bag? She (pointing to the cashier) didn’t bag it for me …”. He kept asking for my receipt and I had to go through my pocket to come up with the receipt.

LESSON 1: Avail yourself of a plastic bag, otherwise you will be routinely accused by the security guards in National Bookstore in Greenbelt 1 as a shoplifter.

LESSON 2: If you’re one of those environmentalists who prefer to bring your own bags then too bad for you – apparently if you don’t avail of National Bookstore’s plastic bags – you’re a shoplifter.

LESSON 3: Don’t dress down and go shopping for books on a typhoon day. You’ll look so harassed with all the rain and wind that you’ll look like a shoplifter….

All this for a 275 pesos worth of Downie and Heath’s Basic Statistical Methods!


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