White House (finally) Twitters in Farsi / Persian language

Coming on the heels of Google and Facebook releasing Farsi/Persian translation tools, The White House, on a verified Twitter account twitters their post in Persian:

“سخنان پرزیدنت اوباما در کنفرانس مطبوعاتی خود دربارۀ ایران، همراه با ترجمۀ فارسی “

Loosely translated that means:

“President Obama’s remarks in his press conference about Iran with Persian translation”

since it points to President Obama’s speech. Here’s an excerpt:

“As I said in Cairo, suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.  The Iranian people have a universal right to assembly and free speech.  If the Iranian government seeks the respect of the international community, it must respect those rights and heed the will of its own people.  It must govern through consent and not coercion.  That’s what Iran’s own people are calling for, and the Iranian people will ultimately judge the actions of their own government.”

A few years ago, I kept convincing my friends who needed to disseminate information to a wider audience to use Twitter but they apparently thought that Twitter was a passing fad – well, it’s now apparently an official channel now even for the White House.  When is Malacañang going to have http://twitter.com/malacanang ?


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