Search Hacks – or what you didn’t know that Bing can do! just recently replaced Microsoft’s Live Search, and in the spirit of  LifeHacker’s Obscure Google Search Tricks, here’s’s Search Hacks!

1. Search within a Site! Try typing (include the quotation marks!): “Paul Pajo”

2. Know the time! Try typing: What time is it in Manila

3. Find a live videocam! Try typing: intitle:”netcam live image”

4. Know what a strange word is! Try typing: Balut

You want to know what a balut looks like? Click on the Images link on the left side

5.  Search for mp3s in a music site (a little bit to hard to do with Google hehe)! Try typing: mp3 dripmanila

If you have a favorite search hack – leave a comment! 🙂


6. You can go straight to the IMAGES tab and type for example: Hayden Kho (make sure the safe search is ON!)


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