Rizal – one of the true polymaths

Jose Rizal can be argued to be history’s true polymaths. Wikipedia probably needs to be updated.

There’s some views of the relevancy on Rizal being taught in schools:

“I am back to what I have been avoiding in the first place – let Rizal be taught by those who are capable of fulfilling the purposes of the Rizal Law or else completely scrap this law. I will not be afraid to say it now if it is for the best according to my deliberations. After all, I want to be like Rizal.”

here’s another view:

More importantly, the value of being a religious person, a loving and obedient son to his parents/family, a responsible student, a strong willed individual who stands for his convictions, the one who loves and serves the country are some of the virtues of Rizal that must and should be emphasized in the whole duration of the coarse. And that’s where the relevance of Rizal subject lies.”

My take on this is that while the whole world is championing specialists, Rizal was a true generalist, a Renaissance man and a polymath. Shouldn’t be Filipinos be more like that?

(hat-tip to MLQ3 for the inspiration for this post)


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