Get your “favorite” CUSTOMS officer NOW!

Have you ever wondered how you can get your “favorite” CUSTOMS OFFICIAL in HOT WATER? It’s now SUPER-EASY! Check out this blog post by Joel Chua:

“The Philippines has agreed to this law in 1979, a year after I was born. 30 years later, someone in customs decided to just screw that law in a particular fashion and begin charging “duties and other charges” on imported books. If that doesn’t piss you off, you are probably living in a cloud where your brain is light enough to float you up there.

Let’s take action! Get informed. Get online and denounce this paltry display of corruption. It is most likely someone out there is using this new money for the upcoming government elections.”


STEP 1: Read Joel Chua’s blog post
STEP 2: Order your favorite book from abroad (let’s try the Bible)
STEP 3: Wait for your “favorite” CUSTOMS OFFICIAL to “tax” you
STEP 4: Once you get their name and designation, file a case with the Ombudsman

Y’ay! You’ve now just succeeded in getting your “favorite” CUSTOMS OFFICIAL in hot water!

ALSO: check out Manuel L Quezon III’s take on the matter!

BTW if you just want to say hello to your OMBUDSMAN here’s the numbers:

OMB Hotline: 9262-OMB (9262-662)

Lifestyle Check: 927-4102 / 927-2404

Anti-Fixer Campaign: 9274102 / 9272404 / 09266994703


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