PrintCrime in Japanese by Hikaru “Anna” Otsuka

I encouraged one of my ITETHIC students to translate Cory Doctorow’s PRINTCRIME in Japanese. Here’s an excerpt:

“警察は私が8歳だったときに私の父のプリンターをこわした。 私はマイクロウェーブの中のフィルムのような目的の熱い感じを覚えている。 私はまた彼が新しい事でそれを満たした、ように新しい暖かい感じ焼ける集中するように彼がそれから出て来た目的の方法を覚え。”

here’s a rough translation by Google Translate:

“The police have a printer I KOWASHITA eight when my father, died. I remember the warm feeling of purpose in the film, such as microwave. I filled it with his new things, remember how it came out of the purposes is to focus on his new warm to burning.”

I asked Anna what he felt while translating PrintCrime and this is what she said:

“It was difficult to translate print crime in Japanese. I was really nervous when I was doing the translation because I might not translate it well. Although the flow of the story is simple,  terminologies used are deep. I just translated it the way I understand the story. All in all, I am happy with the result of my translation.”

Hikaru Otsuka


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