Gen Y Rock Stars: DRIP Shout-Out by Kevin Rivers, WaTunes CEO

DRIP shoutout in Gen Y RockStars

DRIP gets a shout-out from Kevin Rivers, CEO of WaTunes from his Gen Y RockStars interview – read the whole interview here. here’s an excerpt:

Do you have any success stories of indie artists using iTunes, Amazon, etc that may be of encouragement or give ideas to artists who are weighing their options for digital distribution?

Kevin: Yes. We’ve have many success stories from our customers. A few examples of successful independent artists are Dice & K9, Drip, Kitty Katt, Chubb Rock, and Shizz Strothers. In weighing in options for digital distribution, it is solely depending on the approach of the artist. If an artist wants to save money and focus entirely on their marketing, I would strongly recommend using our services. However, there are artists out there that would rather pay for the service to help their distributor earn revenue and survive which is commendable in my opinion.


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