WaTunes goes ABSOLUTE (Yes, Virginia no more FEES!)

I got this straight up from Kevin Rivers, the CEO of WaTunes himself when he buzzed me and told me to check out the new WaTunes blog post. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“So what if you’re a paid artist now? If you’re a paid monthly artist now. This month will be the last time you’ll ever submit your $10 monthly fee. Starting April 1st (And this is NO APRIL FOOLS joke!), every artist will be able to sell their music unlimited, earn 100% of royalties, to any store, all for FREE! This is a plan that will never change and will be a permanent view of the ever growing music industry. We’ve now set the pace, now it’s up to you to embrace it!”

Well, amen brother. It’s good that WaTunes has decided to take the lead on this one.

Asia-based artist who want to get more info on how to get to WaTunes can PM me!


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