is up! The Carisse Escueta Manifesto saga continues!

I blogged about “The Carisse Escueta Manifesto” a few blog posts back … let’s review it:

I want to change my country, and I believe music is the way to do it. My country, the Philippines, is an enigma of sorts. On one hand, we seem like a basket case, never really progressing beyond an inch of real growth, and on the other, an astounding and far reaching pool of musical talent. I believe a country is only as rich as its most precious resource – its people. This is why I believe I can change my country through music.” – Carisse Escueta…”

I just got a YM from Carisse that the vehicle for her own, personal manifesto to become reality,, is up and running. It’s still in alpha but kudos to Rory Morales for putting this up. I love the colors aside from the fact that it’s in WordPress (!!!) Here’s a few screen shots

Republikha frontpage
Republikha frontpage
Republikha frontpage
Republikha frontpage

What is Republikha all about? As the site elaborates:

…RepubLIKHA is a non-stock, non-profit organization that exists to reach out to children through the universal language of music with messages that seek to build, not destroy. We have a long-term goal of shaping the nation by touching and molding hearts at an early age and working hand-in-hand with educators and parents to create the best educational entertainment for children that is relevant, dynamic, inclusive, and progressive. We seek to bring color to every child’s life and encourage and empower each child to make the world a better place.

We are committed to making our educational material available and accessible to all children, while ensuring that the lessons learned will transcend into all areas of a child’s life. We believe in creating music that can be enjoyed both inside and outside the classroom, and as such, we work with the best songwriters and artists from the Philippine music industry to produce original, world-class, values-laden, and curriculum-based music.

Music CAN make a positive change in society, and we believe that the change starts NOW…”

Republikha is a non-stock, non-profit entity and if you want to help out or if you believe in its vision, feel free to contact Cariss Escueta at

And yeah, Carisse is one of my favorite personal heroines. Happy Valentine’s Day Cawees! hahaha

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo


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