Web2Py: Enterprise Web Framework

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Web2Py at De Paul University

After finding out how to deploy Spree over Heroku (as an academic experiment in school) – here’s the next step: Deploying something like Spree or Substruct over Web2Py. Why Web2Py? As this site explains, Web2Py is a:

“Free and open source full-stack enterprise framework for agile development of fast, secure and portable database-driven web-based applications. Written and programmable in Python.”


  • Runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile, and on the Google App Engine
  • Requires no installation and can run off a USB drive
  • Has no configuration files. You just unzip it and click on it
  • Includes a multi-threaded wsgi-compliant web-server (also works with Apache and others)
  • Includes a transaction-safe relational database (sqlite)
  • Includes a web-based integrated development environment (demo)
  • Includes a ticketing system to help you debug deployed applications
  • Includes a sophisticated Database Abstraction Layer that can handle joins, left joins, nested selects, aggregates, transactions and distributed transactions. Writes SQL code for you, transparently and in real time, for SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, FireBird and Oracle
  • Automatically generates a web-based database administrative interface for your applications
  • Prevents the most common types of vulnerabilities: Cross Site Scripting, Injection Flaws, and Malicious File Execution
  • Enforces good Software Engineer practices (Model-View-Controller design, Server-side form validation, postbacks)”

Go through the site for more of Web2Py’s functionalities. I’d like to see something industry-grade run on it.

Want to know who’s working on this? Check out the new start-up I’m involved with, it’s QuadraForte and I’m now their new software evangelist!

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo


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