ANABEL BOSCH – YOU ARE LOVED – 6 February 2009, Friday@Saguijo featuring TECHY ROMANTICS

Techy Romantics in MySpace


Early 2008, Techy Romantics was registered in Myspace Music by Dondi Virrey where he can post his dance, electronica compositions. Around June, he met Ryan Villena. Dondi let Ryan listen to his stuff, and suggested that it would be nice to have a DJ-like set up alongside an electric guitar with a singer. The two agreed to set a day when they can jam and collaborate with Camyl Besinga, Ryan’s fiance. One lazy Sunday afternoon, they were able to write two songs, Out of my Mind and Night Out. In less than a month, the trio were able to write enough songs to perform a short set. They started gigging after a short while, and that’s pretty much how they began. For Bookings and inquiries: kindly contact Denise 09178574807, or send an email to


The band was in the middle of their set with the whole crowd on their feet and dancing. All of a sudden a hot looking couple decided they couldn’t take it anymore and rushed off to the women’s washroom and lock themselves up for a while. Just another day in the office for Techy Romantics.

What do you get when you combine the musical sensibilities that make adventurous indie rock so irresistible to mosh to and club music and electronica so irresistible to dance to? The music of the Techy Romantics.

First, a little band history. Techy Romantics is Ryan Villena on guitars, Dondi Virrey on sampling and Camyl Besinga on lead vocals. Ryan is the most seasoned player in the group, having played for various bands such as Tungaw and Narda since his teens. Camyl has been wanting to sing for a band for the longest time and is a regular fixture in gigs that her favorite local bands play at. Camyl and Ryan first met when the former got a reference from a common friend to audition as Narda’s lead singer. She was seriously considered for the position but in then end was edged out by eventual lead vocalist Katwo Librando-Puertollano because the latter was considered to be more experienced.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a band,” says Camyl. “But I never got the chance to find people I can gel with until the opportunity to do Techy Romantics came.”

And that opportunity came when Dondi approached Ryan for the possibility to jam on some previously written compositions and song ideas that he conceptualized in his bedroom with his electronic gizmos. Ryan brought Camyl along and the three hit it off like they’ve been doing it for years.

“The chemistry was there from the get-go,” says Ryan. “We came and jammed in Dondi’s room not knowing what to expect. Dondi started doing his clubby, electronic stuff then I tried complimenting it with what I know on guitars, which is heavily influenced by 1980s new wave, The Cure, New Order, stuff like that. Then Camyl added her lyrics and singing, which came out right in alley with her professed admiration for CSS. From there came a deep well where ideas and compositions flow. “Now, we can even do long sets.”

“I guess it helps that we’ve known each other as friends for some time already, we’re on the same wavelength, and we can effortlessly adapt to each other’s idiosyncrasies and quirks,” says Camyl.

From there, the band has amassed a cult fan base that positively dances to their music and is steadily growing through constant gigging. The band is reportedly set to release their debut album under independent record label Lilystars (same label as The Camerawalls).

“The reception we’re getting these days in our gigs is so surprising,” relates Dondi. “We perform not just in our favorite rock bars like Saguijo, Route 196, and Magnet High Street, but also in places such as Il Ponticello and Manila Polo Club. It’s gratifying to always have people reacting strongly to what we do, like, when they dance or show their appreciation.”

Techy Romantics is such an apt name for this band as the band fuses the drama of the best new wave and indie bands with the bounce and oooomph! of the most engaging club music so seamlessly that it’s difficult to find where one musical sensibility starts and where the other ends. The pop sensibilities of the band’s music is so strong that it can only be coined in three words: Techy Romantics music

Techy Romantics band pix


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