ANABEL BOSCH – YOU ARE LOVED – 6 February 2009, Friday@Saguijo featuring LEE

Lee Grane Maranan on Facebook


Lee (January 2009) is a project-band named after their vocalist Lee Grane. Forming the band are musicians who play for different artists, with different kinds of genre. Lee Grane (vocalist/guitar) is also the vocalist of the band Blush & Kv Viloria (drums) plays for the funk-rock band Diana Rising & folk/acoustic artist Mat. Gerby Dator (bass guitar) & Kim Lopes (keyboards) play for various artists that include Diana Rising, Dennis Astorga of Miss Saigon, Meagan Aguilar & their very own rock band called Anak.

What they have in common is the appreciation for diversity & innovation. They are open to the endless possibilities of what the world of music can offer, but never let go of their roots. Because of their different experience, practices and influences in music, they’re very thrilled to see how their fusion will turn out to be and hopefully, the music would also keep the audience excited, enticed & inspired.

“I am finding my place. I am self-confident I am complex. I am anti-diva. I am sassy I am attitude personified. I am using the power of music wisely. I am young. I am happy & fulfilled. I am insightful. I am avid about my guitar. I am Lee Grane”

Lee Grane Maranan in Myspace


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