ANABEL BOSCH – YOU ARE LOVED – 6 February 2009, Friday@Saguijo featuring MALEK LOPEZ

Malek Lopez logo

Malek Lopez

Musician – Entrepreneur

15 – July 1975   born in Manila, Philippines

Graduated from Berklee Music School in Boston, USA

Malek Lopez: A contemporary composer and graduate of Berklee music school in Boston, Malek studied film scoring but found his real joy to be sound design and synthesis. With a penchant for obscure jazz and lounge Malek is equally at home tearing up the keyboard or guitar but finds his real pleasure in working with sequencers and twiddling knobs. Malek is also probably the most competent synth programmer and sound designer in the country able to quickly translate the ‘sound in your head’ to a sound coming from a keyboard. A further fascination with musical philosophers and modern classical composers often pushes Malek to explore the deeper depths of synthesis and composition.

Malek Lopez at Warehouse 135


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