ANABEL BOSCH – YOU ARE LOVED – 6 February 2009, Friday@Saguijo featuring FEEN

Feen in Myspace


FEEN breakthroughs alongside the electronica streets in the 20th century genre rather nebulously coined as Triphop/Drum & Bass. But while their peers used the possibilities of down-tempo as a step into darker climes, Ado Ortiz (Flipperbaby) & Mike Madriaga (Araknidus) seem more keen on exploring more blissful, soulful pastures. With Juno Limjap – the smoky-voiced chanteuse who led the rock bands through – now pursuing a fresh taste and Araknidus’ collaboration with Flipperbaby for vocalists apparently short-lived, JUNO throws the beats plus the microphone out to a procession of guests. No major noise grandstanding here, mind.– Flipperbaby appear chosen less for who he is than what he can bring, sweet and yet sometimes wilding soulful guitars that supply an emotional backbone to the Araknidus’ , fast-mo funk grooves. JUNO works best when it takes occasional risks: see Tapestry, a melancholy, slightly eastern-indo number accompanied by droning Eastern strings and haunting pads; or Flat Tire, a fast-track number built from opiated beats,weaving guitar , and mellotron melodies. Juno, too, has a quietly elegant voice, as shown off on Ngayon, a wispy tagalog-language lament accompanied by familiar lounge grooves, feels too slick and tasteful to function as anything more substantial than background music. Amaranthine find vocalist Juno doing a sort of sanitised take on Araknidus’ balladic heartbreak. Elsewhere, though, FEEN, feel like a rather lightweight proposition.

Feen in Multiply


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