Railscasts for Ecommerce – Integrating PayPal and Active Merchant

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RailsCasts has an A-W-E-S-O-M-E series on ecommerce right now! What are RailsCasts? RailsCasts are downloadable screencasts that you can learn from – what better way to sharpen your ecommerce-skillz!

#141 Paypal BasicsThis episode is the first in a series on handling the checkout process for orders. Here we show how to complete purchases through PayPal’s Website Payments Standard service.

#142 PayPal NotificationsPayPal’s IPN (Instant Payment Notification) service allows your app to get confirmation when an order is processed. In this episode I use IPN to mark a cart as purchased.

#143 PayPal SecurityThis episode shows how to encrypt the variables passed to PayPal and verify the authenticity of the payment notifications (IPN).

#144 Active Merchant BasicsActive Merchant is a great library for handling credit card transactions. In this episode I will show you the basics of using it to communicate with PayPal’s gateway.


#145 Integrating Active MerchantIn this episode I show how to add Active Merchant’s functionality to a Rails application to make a fully-functional checkout process.

Go check out the series and download the RailsCasts!


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