Facebook is the NEW email

I was on my way to a buzz-marketing when it occurred to me that I now use my Facebook more than email nowadays. In fact when I meet new people in tech conferences and barcamps, people ask me now, “Are you in Facebook?” or I just tell them “Look for me in Facebook, ‘Paul Pajo’ and add me, okay?”. In fact I usually don’t input their email into my LinkedIn until after I’ve had a few rounds of discussions with them on Facebook.

But there seems to be a problem regarding Facebook’s reputation for usability. Before Facebook revealed it’s new.facebook.com format, a lot of people complained about how hard it was to use Facebook. It’s relatively easier now when you base it from the buzz but there’s still a lot of people daunted with it. While sitting at Starbucks Galleria waiting for my meting to start and running on 3 days unlimited on AirborneAccess – I again overheard across a table; something like “…Facebook is soooo complicated!”

So maybe, people need a guide, a how-to so to speak HOW TO USE Facebook for something as rudimentary as USING IT AS EMAIL. I’m not the first by the way on this meme; there’s a few others who has thought of this like:

On The EuroTrip Circuit, Facebook is The New Email

(I’ll be adding a few more as I develop this post)

I’ll try to see if I can churn out a few chapters and hopefully this will help some people finally use Facebook as their new email! 🙂


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