ANABEL BOSCH – YOU ARE LOVED – 6 February 2009, Friday@Saguijo featuring THE EIGHTEENS

I’ll be posting stuff on the artists that are going to perform for the late Anabel Bosch’s benefit gig on Friday, 6 February 2009. SweetSpot@Saguijo is one of later benefit gigs so I hope you’ll still come. Btw, there will be at a birthday party to celebrate what would have been Anabel’s birthday so please come and celebrate Anabel’s birthday with us on Sunday, Jan. 25 at the Bosch compound. The driveway will be closed, so you may park along Zamora and Protacio Streets.

A mass will be held at 7 P.M., after which the party will ensue. Please feel free to bring food, drinks, guitars, percussions, poems, video or slide shows, and other tributes, so you can share them with all the lives Anabel has touched.

Here’s some info regarding one the bands performing on Friday, 6 February – THE EIGHTEENS (thanks to Miguel Montero for sending me the info!)
The Eighteens in Myspace

It was late 2007 in their 4th year in college, glen topes(DLSU-D) and Miguel Montero(letran-manila), former bandmates in highschool, decided to forge a new band that still yields the spirit of their two previous musical endeavors( glen’s The Hoyers and Miguel’s SlotMachine) such as making honest and original music in their own terms and style. The two quickly wasted no time in searching for possible band members whom they either previously known or jammed with. The search eventually led them to opt for Jr Santos and Gian Pineda on drums and bass respectively. One distinct aspect of the band since its inception is its preference of playing original materials instead of opting for a live set consisting mostly of covers.

The songwriting duties, on the other hand, are mostly shared between vocalist, Glen Tiopez and guitarist Miguel Montero. Although both of them rarely collaborate in writing songs together and prefer more of an individualist approach, the band sees this as a unique way of adding different facets of style of music in their repertoire. Nevertheless, bassist Gian Pineda and drummer Jr Santos are active contributors and collaborators when it comes to instrumental and vocal arrangements.

The Eighteens music can be aptly described as alternative/pop rock blended with some of their eclectic musical influences such as brit-rock/pop,alternative, opm music(Eraserheads and rivermaya in particular), jazz, blues, rap, ambient rock and like.

The band’s name “the eighteens” was proposed by glen suggesting that he wanted the band’s name that would sound young, careless and initially excited to live and learn life, to do new things he/she had never been allowed before, and same as an individual who had just turned 18.

Currently, the band’s own repertoire that are being played during gigs and events are, Durugin ang namamagitan (NU107 Urock playlist), Tayo (Nu107 Urock playlist) Balang Araw (NU 107 Urock playlist), Monochromatic Abstract, Maybe, Undo, More of You, Tag-Araw, I fell (like hell), and Under 18.

Recently, the band was nominated and finalist in the recently concluded 2008 NU107 rock awards in the category College band of the Year alongside, Mithi, Battle city, Fuzz, and Twin Lobster.

The Eighteens in Multipy

Band members

Glen tiopez- lead vocals/ guitars

Gian Pineda – bass

Lyle Esperon- drums

Miguel Montero vocals/ guitars





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