Goodbye Desiremesh!

DesireMesh logo

2009 is proving to be a turning point – I’m saying goodbye to DesireMesh. DesireMesh is going to be a major player in social media and if you’re one who needs to get into this space and are ready for the big guns, CHECK THEM OUT!


DesireMesh was formed in July 2008 to address the emerging technology requirements of today’s business environment. DesireMesh solutions tap the key strengths of Agile Methodologies, Cluetrain philosophies, Web 2.0 technologies, and Social Media.


DesireMesh has developed a consulting approach called CATALYST. By emphasizing AGILE Methodologies, we are able to immediately provide prototype and minimum viable product (MVP) versions in a short span of time. The concept of perpetual beta enables both DesireMesh and our clients with a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement which ensures that the end result is flexible and remains relevant. Traditional development methodologies carry the dangers of rigid implementation and obsolescence resulting from long-drawn cycles.”


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