Let’s all help Anabel Bosch: Even Rock Goddesses are not invincible.

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I’m not going to write, re-write, edit and re-edit this post, as is my usual practice, because I want to get it out as soon as I can.

My very dear, close friend, Anabel Bosch (some of you may know her personally, some only as my friend, and others as the singer of several bands like Tropical Depression, Electrikoolaid and Analog), had an aneurysm this afternoon. She was just watching TV, then complained about a terrible headache. Since she is prone to migraines, that’s all they thought it was, at first. But then she started to throw up, and then passed out. When she was rushed to Makati Medical Center, they diagnosed the aneurysm. As a result, she had a massive hemorrhage in the brain. She is currently being operated on to relieve the pressure, but the doctors said that she has a slim chance of survival, and even if she pulls through, she may be in a vegetative state. I am, however, refusing to accept this at this time. Felipe said that the chances of surviving an aneurysm are higher than with an infarction (the other kind of stroke). Also, we all know someone who has suffered a stroke and then went on live a perfectly good, long life afterwards. But Anabel will need as much help as she can get.

To begin with, I’d like to ask all of you — whether you know her or not — to please, please, please pray for her full recovery. I am asking God for a *complete* recovery, because she needs all her abilities to continue to rebuild her life. For those of you who are aware of what Anabel has been through in the last several years, you know that she has struggled and fought hard to rise from the ashes, that she has summoned more courage and strength than many of us (including myself) think we posess, she has worked herself to the bone to give herself and her daughter, Mishka, the life and future they so deserve, has done all that almost entirely on her own, and, amazingly and impressively, has been succeeding beyond all our hopes! And, perhaps most telling of the kind of person she is, throughout the whole difficult and painful process, she remained a caring, selfless, optimistic woman, a proud, loving and responsible mother, a dutiful daughter, a concerned older sister, and a wonderful, incredibly thoughtful friend.

She has burned her candles at both ends, and sacrificed a lot. During this Christmas season, while most of us were on holiday, she worked all-day (often till late at night), every day but Christmas Day, and could not attend even her close friends’ get-togethers. Although all that stress might have triggered her aneurysm (and when she is better, I shall certainly use all my notorious nagging powers to get her to slow down), the fact remains that if she comes out of this with less than her full faculties intact, she will be unable to continue the process of improving her own and her daughter’s lives the way that she has been. It’s absolutely tragic, especially because she was just on the verge of fulfilling one of her most fervent dreams.

In her most recent blog posts, she looked back on the past year and said that while she feels jet-lagged from the exhausting journey she’s been through, she is excited and happy about how far she’s come. She summed up the year as one where she gained peace, love, and learning, and looked forward to her birthday coming up in a few weeks. I remember thinking that despite signs pointing towards a bad 2009 for most of us, for Anabel, it will be a year of finally achieving what she’s worked her butt off for in the last two years. This year, I felt, she will at last receive her just rewards (not that she hasn’t already received some blessings), and all her hard work will finally bear fruit. So it’s especially heart-breaking that this had to happen to her on the first day of the year.

As much as I am asking for prayers/positive vibes/healing thoughts/white magic/good joujou from all of you, I also need to say that Anabel needs more concrete help from us, as well. There are two things she needs most:

1) Blood. The blood type doesn’t matter, as the hospital just has to replace the amount of blood used. This is needed soonest, since she is being operated on as I write this. However — and this is important — one cannot donate if one has diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, etc., has tattoos (I find this dumb, since other countries allow it, but not in the Phils.), viral illness, or has imbibed alcohol and drugs for the last 24-48 hours. To donate blood, please go to Makati Med and say that it’s for Anabel Bosch.

2) Money. Brain surgery, as you can imagine, is not cheap. It may cost P500,000 or more, and she does not have anything even close to that. Every little bit will help. Benefit events are already being organized for her, but for those who want to donate directly, please deposit the money to Anabel’s sister’s account: Marlies R. Bosch BPI Pasay Taft branch SA#8199060318. Or you could send it through me, if you prefer.

Oh, and one more thing: please pass this on. Anabel has many, many friends, and I only know some. The more people know about it, the more there are to help her and pray for her.

This is sad news to hear on the first day of a new year. But I am hopeful and adamant in my belief that Anabel can overcome this. She is young, strong, has a feisty spirit and an iron will, and so much to live for, so I am convinced that she will beat this monster like she has the other monsters in her life. I hope to help her be victorious, and pray that you will, too.

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