Twitterrati: Why Businesses with embrace Twitter in 2009

Twitterati – a blog “focused on Twitter, the growing number of tools to use it, and the microblogging market, including players such as Tumblr, Jaiku,, Yammer, et al.” has a great article on 5 reasons why businesses will embrace Twitter (and other Twitter-like services):

1. Because it’s Popular and Useful

2. Running a nanoblog/microblog is easier than running a blog

3. Twitter is an excellent customer service platform

4. Twitter is an excellent corporate communications tool

5. It costs nothing to get into Twitter and the ROI is huge (work out the mathematics and this argument should be moot and ACADEMIC)

Desiremesh is all about connecting businesses with their target audiences. Twitter, Jaiku, and other nanoblogging services allow these businesses connect more effectively with their markets. In 3 words: Markets are Conversations. I can add more reasons to this but I’ll let one of my students answer it – Riela Antonio has about 95 reasons why businesses are going to embrace Twitter on her ebook (the title btw is telling): Rude Awakening – Opening The Eyes of the Market – check out pages 21-116. I mean if a 3rd year colleg student can get it, I’m sure businesses that have to deal with their profit-and-loss statements should get it also, right? Right?

Posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo


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