Puff the Magic SEADRAGON AJAX!

Go here to see the photo first!

Did you see how FAST that ZOOM was?!! (click on the photo so you can see the controls just in case you missed that…) Brought to you by Microsoft Live Labs (blog) – what in the world is SEADRAGON AJAX?

Seadragon, implemented as the Deep Zoom feature of Silverlight, allows you to do that. But what if you’re not using the Silverlight platform? That’s what Seadragon Ajax is for.

Seadragon Ajax, written from the ground up in JavaScript, gives you the ability to add a Deep Zoom viewer into your blog, web site, or even your eBay listing. Just like this:”

So how did I do this?

Just go to this form.

I got a picture of Arnie the Philippine Eagle (one of the FEW blue-eyed eagles IN THE WORLD) from my Flickr site and then uploaded it into a PhotoZoom album (easy if you have hotmail account) and then VOILA! Seadragon AJAX-SOMENESS for you!

If you want to have these kind of ZOOM effects on your photos, then desiremesh can now easily put that on your social networks thanks to the great work of the guy in Live Labs! You ROCK guys!

Check out Ian Gilman’s blog and also Dragnosticism for more info about SEADRAGON AJAX!

Posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo


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