Arjay “JayThree03” Orcasitas of DLS-CSB deploys Spree on Heroku, Schofield gets onboard!

One of the things I do aside from being a chief evangelist for DesireMesh is a teach a course called Vertical Market Solutions for Retail or VERTSOL! I’ve always told my students in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde that Ruby on Rails and Merb is the “SOL” in VERTSOL and now we have a fully mature e-commerce app, Spree deployed on Heroku (an online Ruby on Rails development and hosting environment) – check it out here (your mileage may vary as Information Systems student Arjay “JayThree03” Orcasitas) might still be tweaking the code). We started looking at Heroku at the beginning of the term and with a few more weeks to the end of the term – EUREKA!

You can check out the thread in the Spree-User Google Groups

here’s a screenshot of the integration

Spree+Heroku by Arjay JayThree03 Orcasitas

The cool thing is that Sean Schofield (!!!) himself has become interested into how Spree integrates with Heroku after the thread:

…Now you have got me interested in Heroku and Spree 🙂

Please do a blog post or something on this so we can all learn what
you did. I’m also curious how you resolved the Rails 2.1.2 problem?
Did you use an earlier version of Spree or did you just change the
Rails Version in the Spree code? I bet the current code works with
Rails 2.1.0 if you changed the required Rails version only – but I’m
curious to know for sure.


Whoah. The Heroku guys like Adam Wiggins have been very, very helpul in this process.

With this new development, another tool is now added into the desiremesh – if you needed a quicker way to deploy your e-commerce site then the Spree+Heroku solution might be jus for you!

Stay tuned for the screencasts from Arjay “JayThree03” Orcasitas on how he did it!

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