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Hat Tip to Nick Holmes à Court (considered #63 out of the Top 100 Influential Twitterers by Shifted Pixels) for bringing this to my attention!

Here’s a screenshot of MyPhatBreak: frontpage

A cursory search of “myphatbreak” eventually lands you to a site of someone (an intern named Steph?) who might be working for their ad agency (Shifted Pixels?) as several of their learning goals (about 5 of them) can be gleaned from the posts:

Learning Goal#1: Learn what online strategies can be teamed up with traditional understanding

“Gain understanding of the benefits of a pure online advertising campaign.
Create an online advertising strategy for one of Shifted Pixels current clients based on an existing creative brief. List the advantages and disadvantages of an online campaign.”

Learning Goal#2: Learn how the two way communication in online advertising can be and an advantage and disadvantage to the agency and their clients.
Be part of the online blogging process Shifted Pixels uses to start a conversation with influential parties on the internet. List the advantages and disadvantages.”
Learning Goal#3: Understand the effectiveness and accountability of an online advertising campaign
How these are measured by the agency and communicated to the client
Use Shifted Pixels Buzz Numbers system to track brands and word of mouth.

Track how campaign for is going

Used Google Analytic s to measure how many people had been refered to the web site from face book. – have some work to do ! “

Learning Goal#4: Be involved in the process of creating an online presence for current agency clients.
Social Media Engagement
There are groups of Australian aspiring models and talent that currently congregate and communicate within existing Social networks. Facebook will be used as a social networking medium to communicate to these existing social networks the target markets. These networks have been found through groups that are related to both the main target audiences and related target audiences. Our Facebook profiles will be used in phase one to stimulate online Word of Mouth conversations about MyPhatBreak and sign up new members. The Facebook profiles must be a real as possible including friends, photos and online interaction with friends.
Identities Created to relate to the Target Markets
Two fake profiles have been created in Facebook that will interact with the target market and related markets. The fake profiles will join groups that will relate to the target markets and post messages recommending the MyPhatBreak website. The messages will be simple and in casual messages recommending the web site as they have already signed up and they have found it great.”
Learning Goal#5: Gain understanding of the account management process in a digital agency.
“Learning Goal 5: Gain understanding of the account management process in a digital agency. Strategies and Resources: Be involved in the communication process between the agency and its current clients and the internal communication process throughout the agency. Write a creative brief based on my understanding of the clients needs. Day one researched target market and created a creative brief for online cocktail website, researched 3 different Target markets. Received the Briefing and discussed how each member of the agency will contribute to the social networking campaign. contributed to a report that is used to communicate and update the client what Shifted Pixels have been doing on the account and how.”
What’s about in a sentence?  Konstantlab has a short brief:
Site Brief – MyPhatBreak is a model hunt site where the models as well as the agents register themselves and contact each other for further business.”
If you’re a male or female model based in Australia or New Zealand looking for a break, might just be for you!

Posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo
(this is my audition piece for Kim Heras’ (of call for writers)

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