I finally got Merb 1.0 to run! :)

w00t! w00t!

I finally got Merb 1.0 RC2 to run (thanks to GhostonThird!) – it’s so hard to install on a Windows machine!

Paul The Pageman Pajo installs his Merb app!

the sqlite3.dll file was whacked though. I had to reinstall it again. I finally got my first http://localhost:4000 on Merb woo-hoo!

4000 on Merb

some tips:
1. Installing Merb on Windows – you’ll see Ruby trying to find the make.exe to compile the gem. For hpricot, once you get the error, try

gem install hpricot --source http://code.whytheluckystiff.net

2. Try to download the sqlite3.dll in .zip and extract it to your ruby/bin (you might get a false install so see if you get “not a Windows image” error, that means your .zip file DID NOT unzip properly.
3. I had to download the json-1.1.1-mswin32.gem manually. Put it on the Ruby folder and the do a

gem install json-1.1.1-mswin32.gem --local

4. Lots of help from skippidydoo, check out the gems that is installed so you can run Merb, uhm like
gem install mongrel

You can’t run the Merb install unless you have that (unless you have Apache or some web server that you can configure to run with Merb (no idea how you can do that…).

5. If you run a
gem update
something will break so just reinstall the gem by checking the error message.

6. do a
gem list --local

so you know what gems you have and what you’re missing

Generate your first app by going through the guide here.

Lots of tips of here, especially the bottom part (although its a Linux install and I’m using Windows) so you can figure out what gems you were missing.


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