Garrett Lisi – if his Simple Theory of Everything=TRUE then the universe=singular

Garrett Lisi shares his Simple Theory of Everything (TOE) at TED:

Wired has an article and ends with this astounding CONCLUSION:

“Wired: You said recently: “Since E8 is perhaps the most beautiful structure in mathematics, it is very satisfying that nature appears to have chosen this geometry.” Did nature have a choice? Could the E8 framework be the result of an evolutionary process of trial and error that adapted until the universe got it right or do you think that beautiful structure was “ready made”? I guess the equivalent philosophical question for this would be, which came first — the mathematics or the forces?

Lisi: This is a very unusual aspect of this theory. The largest simple exceptional Lie group, E8, is a unique structure in mathematics. If this structure turns out to be fundamental to how the universe works, then it seems to indicate our universe is not one that exists in a landscape of other possibilities. It would mean our universe is exceptional, and perhaps singular. Of course, it is philosophically questionable to consider other universes to begin with, since we’re only aware of one. But, whether this theory works perfectly or not, it is undoubtedly true that the fundamental nature of our universe can be described by mathematics. [emphasis mine].”

What’s amazing is that Garret Lisi himself affirms that if his TOE is confirmed then there MUST NOT BE any RANDOMNESS in the UNIVERSE (he uses the words “exceptional”, “perhaps singular”).


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