What if Evan Williams was on your thesis defense panel?

Just read Evan WIlliams blog about how he felt in the last TechCrunch50 conference:

It was a little be strenuous both to see the presentations and hear them. It was also tricky to be insightful and provide meaningful feedback in such a short period of time. I find most of the implications of a product or company, if it’s really interesting, aren’t immediately obvious. You need to have some time to sit with it. If you have a really good presenter, he or she can help get those non-obvious implications across. But if the presentation is unpracticed or hard to understand, there could be a great idea hidden underneath that doesn’t shine through—especially in this sort of rapid-fire environment.

Hahaha – that’s how I feel when I’m on those thesis defense presentations. Maybe I should take notes after? I guess if you went through those gruelling defenses – you’d have some idea what kind of pressure those startups have to go through in TechCrunch50.


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