LiveBlogging at WordCamp Philippines (6th Sept. 2008!)


Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp, De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp, De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde



– got my ID and organizer t-shirt 🙂

– Dean BenHur Ong giving the opening remarks

– Blogie speaking now, talking about Mindanao and acknowledging Matt Mullenweg

– Migs talking about the schedule for the day

– Gail Villanueva on CSS with WordPress

– Gail now working with “The Loop” (kind of hard to see)

– helping out Gail to zoom in and out of her presentation

– listening to Markku Seguerra’s plug-in dev talk

– listening to Karla Vanessa Redor


– optional excerpt as thumbnail

– coffee2code

– pagenav with us of is_page() conditional tag

– Sobek’s post in Category

– Most popular topics based on number of comments

– Most commented or Popularity plugin

– Make is a parent category

– Different template bsed on this category (i.e. category-14.php)

– Usage of Sobek’s Post in Categories or Customizable Post Listings plugin

– Image gallergy in a post

– Inline Gallery plugin or the NexGen gallery

– WP-email, WP-PostRatings and Share This Classic plugins

– Karla now on thinkvitamincom

– showing


– useful them functions: wp_list_pages – show list of WP pages as links

– the_excerpt – shows the optional excerpt or the first 55 words of the post

– the_meta – shows the list of custom fields

– get_post_meta – shows a particular custom field

– More Template tags

– conditional tags like: is_home(), is_front_page(), is_page()/is_page(’29’)/is_page(‘About’)/is_page(‘about’)/is_page(array(’29’,’About’), is_category()

– CForms, Dagon Design sitemap, Pagemash, Customizable Post listings

– sample custom field


$prodimg = get_post_meta($post->ID,’productimage’, true);

echo $prodimg;

// this will return one value

// if not true it will returna all values for the key


– other recommended plugins: Subscrie2, Event Calendar 3, FLutter aka Fresh Post – easily compose your post and alows you quickly change the look and behavior of your theme on the fly

– Aileen Apolo now on Google Analytics works

Thanks to Jane for this photo of me with Matt Mullenweg (“W” is for WordPress NOT West Side!)

The Pageman with Matt Mullenweg


Wordcamp pix from

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