Liveblogging from DAY 2 of 1st NCEME (National Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation) in CSB Hotel

more detailed posts and tweets of the 1st NCEME at my Twitter account (click, click!)

– great opening prayer – in “action” – I am beautiful, I am loved, I am forgiven by the mercy of God! 🙂 complete with action

Christina Sison (still single!) is now on the rostrum as Chair on “Trends and Best Practices in School Assessment”

– Tipay sharing her experience in the University of St. La Salle before she joined the College of St. Benilde

– Sison introducing the discussants – Jimelo S. Tipay, Quintin G. Atienza II and Dr. Lina Miclat

– after the study and implementation of the MAT – the correlation to the CSAT meant they could scrap the MAT entirely!

– Atienza II on case studies of testing programs of two schools (one public and one private, Catholic school)

– Dr. Lna Agcaoili-Miclat on the “An Assessment of Admission Testing in State College and Universities in Region I

– Institution B Reliability is Kr 20=.92 Validity r=.49

– Kubizn (2000) – if predicting, there should be predictive validity

– Borich (2000) – .82 to .95 are acceptable reliabilty coefficients

– Anastasi (1998) – .20 to .30 may justify inclusion of a test in a selection program

– given two students with the same total scores the differentiation can be the mean z-scores

– Dr. Alexa Abrenica now on the podium as a reactor

– Dr. Abrenica – stating that the duration for the test-retest is more important than the r

– Dr. Abrenica – why use CSAT when you have MAT?

– Dr. Abrenica on Atienza II – paper indicated inappropriateness of comparing testing programs but still it compared the 2 🙂

– Dr. Abrenica – surmise that what is true for Region I might be true for everywhere else in the Philippines

– Dr. Abrenica on Miclat – what kind of validity?

– Dr. Abrenica on Miclat – maybe check Anastasi for a simple expectancy table to determine the cut-off

– Sison introducing VP of College of St. Benilde – Robert Tang

– comments from Ateneo de Zamboanga on remedial classes for English

– asked Ms. Tipay if she can reconstruct CAT and offer it under a CPAL license?

– requests from Laguna for consultancy for Ms. Jimelo Tipay

– breakaway sessions – am in the “Assessment of Challenges in Learner-Centered Institutions”

Violeta Valladolid on “Evaluation of the Teaching-Learning Process in the Tranformative Learning set-up” (the DLSU program)

– most of the GE classes in DLSU are now under TL

– rubrics for qualitative not really accepted that much in Philippines – Dr. Diaz

– process and products in the rubrics – Valladolid

– voting for the NEMEA Board of Directors – NEMEA is National Educational Measurement and Evaluation

my ballot has Sillorequez, Atienza, Miclat, Chu, Pariñas, Magno, Sison, Mamauag, valladolid, Tipay and Diaz

– let’s see how many of the people I vote actually becomes part of the board hehe

– breakaway session: Structural Equation Modeling by Dr. Carlo Magno

– just finished doing our path models and structural models – we did a test-retest path and structural model and criterion-prediction validity path and structural model on a 50-item achievement exam. My group was mostly people who did class tests for achievements – (1 was from Perpetual Rizal, 1 was from St Paul Tuguegarao, 1 from U.P. C.E.M. and one 1 was Divine Word College Laoag

– the new NEMEA Board:

  • Alonso, Dennis
  • Chu, Belen
  • Diaz, Paz
  • Franco, Ludy
  • Gonzales, Richard
  • Magno, Carlo
  • Mamauag, Marife
  • Miclat, Lina
  • Pariñas, Neil
  • Sillorequez, Editha
  • Tipay, Jimelo

– Dr. Leticia Azusano giving the closing remarks

– regrets that her 30-year of developin assessment has not impacted education

– until now we are at the bottom of the rank, worst education

– wow. words are very true. sobering but challenging as well

– NCEME awarding Cloth of Honor to Dr. Leticia M. Asuzano

– final remarks by Dr. Rose Marie Salazar-Clemeña


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