Liveblogging from DAY 1 of 1st NCEME (National Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation) in CSB Hotel

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– prayer and national anthem just finished

– Bro. Vic giving his opening remarks

– Ms. Marife Mamauag, Program Chair of NCEME, now on rostrum giving an overview of what’s going to happen during the NCEME

– wow. we have delegates as far south of Sulu (not yet here) and as far north as Laoag from Divine Word College and the delegates are just in front of me! 🙂

– Dr. Rose Marie Salazar Clemeña giving history of NCEME came about and rollcalling the alumni from her program

– Dr Clemeña now introducing Dr. Milagros Ibe using an Assessment Rubric (of course!) drawing laughs from the NCEME delegates

– Dr. Ibe now on stage – standing ovation as she comes out

– Dr. Ibe describing how assessment terminology has divergence and merging as well

– Dr. Ibe now on the purposes of assessment

– Traditional vs. Alternative like Bro. Vic using a fingernail to fix his eyeglasses

– “How can I be a keynote speaker if I speak in the afternoon” – good thing her paper is going to be given in the morning

–  Dr. Ibe now in “Assessing Learning in Mathematics”

– Dr. Ibe now in Purposes of Student Assessment – an inappopriate purpose? 6. if you take the exam again and again you will succeed? Dr. Ibe disabusing people on the idea

– “The real test of competence is if you can teach someone else” – Dr. Ibe

– Dr. Ibe now on Other Views of Assessment

– after the break, the discussants and reactors are being introduced

– Neil Pariñas now telling his anecdote on Program Theory

– after Mamauag and Magno, John Addy Garcia now on stage as reactor

– Garcia asking what approach the discussants used (constructivism? post-positivism?)

– the discussants saying they didn’t have any approach, Garcia commenting that their design must be emergent

– Magno differentiating explicit vs. tacit knowledge

– Ma. Christia Eusebio on the factors that affect youth and student volunteerism

– Dr. Carlo Magno now on the method and results on the paper “Construction and Development of the Student Volunteerism Scale”

– looking for a relationship between “predisposition to help” vs. volunteerism

– “an increase in one results in an increase in the other” – 26%

Christine Joy Atotuo-Ballada and Lisa A. Dy on “The Prevailing values of Students of University of St. La Salle” right after the break

– based on the theory, with more volunteerism there will be more “predisposition to help”

– how to find out if there are overlaps

– Elmer Dela Rosa on “The 2×2 Achievement Goal Framework and Intrinsic Motivation among Filipino Student: A Validation Study

– goal of the study: are there mastery-approach/mastery-avoidance/performance-approach/performance-avoidance

– study can be used to differentiate the different achievement goals of the students

– Q&A: Magno elucidates the difficulty of parsing multi-dimensional data into uni-diminesional data to fit a Rasch model

– Magno suggests that you look into the chronback alpha index for internal consistency

– Q&A: Magno: the psychology of education for the Whites is different from the psychology of education for the Filipinos

– Christine Joy Atotubo on Values of USLS

– Dr. Fe’ Josefa Nava on Competency-based accreditation

– Lucida Jose of the University of Pangasinan sharing on her ETEEAP experience – deputized HEI since 1997


2 thoughts on “Liveblogging from DAY 1 of 1st NCEME (National Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation) in CSB Hotel

  1. Hello!

    This page is interesting. I didn’t think that anyone would be writing notes for the NCEME conference. For update we have already established the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation. I hope you can be an active member . See you in future conferences!

    Doctor Spaceman.

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