Graduation Proposals and Incoming Flights

i'm rushing now to finish in an internet cafe
what a busy day
we finally graduated the first batch
of staff and professors
for the agriculture
for their computer class
they were so grateful
it's so good to have grateful students
who really
want to learn
and then it was off to the ministry where
the internet was not working
no sending
only receiving
some minor corrections and questons on
the proposal
and then a call to singapore
my friend ivy is busy
like me she has had no sleep
because of coming national day
I AM the TIP of The Spear
but a TIP is of NO USE
without the rest of the Spear
Got a phone call that might be worth
100 Million Dollars
let's see if we can put it together tomorrow
can you can 100 Million Dollars?
finally the database is coming together
Having NO MORE TIME can be a friend
or a FOE
I choose to make it my friend
Five Pieces of Paper can be equals to :
100 Million Dollars
Rey and Menchie are coming in today
Peter is asleep
just as pooped as I am
need to rest
so that I can be my best 🙂
today : IN and OUT
the Sons of Zadok
being in a state of Rest is
part of OUTreach


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