The Ninth Day

just updated and the livejournal site didn't accept my password… 🙂
it's too long….
1. our 8-da business seminar just finished. I need more sleep.
2. tonight there's a banquet with korean businessmen. should I go?
3. the whole city is on its toes. yesterday 500 afghans on trucks attacked
the pakistani embassy. pres. karzai apologized to pakistan but there's tension
in the air.
4. I have with me now my survival kit, passport and tickets. i'm ready to go on
a moment's notice.
5. special thanks to the speakers that came : john, susan, bill, jerome and rachel.
I made new friends and even got a new book from john on my birthday! john just happens
to be a successful authour and has written many new books…. one title he has that I
like is : “life is a gold mine, dig it!” first one to tell me his full name get a prize!
6. I celebrated my birthday this month. First one to greet me on the comment page gets
a prize.
All in a day's work in Kabul 🙂


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