attack of the killer orgs

had a very very good day today. i didn't expect it
to be so confrontational but that's what happened.
we had a meeting with the adviser of one of the
top offices here and we discussed about how the students
in the university can work with the other orgs in
the nation. the adviser started on a *good* note by
mentioning what kind of things the orgs buy. uh-oh.
that definitely put everybody in a *good* mood.
anyway, everybody agreed that the idea of the students
being part of the orgs for a portion of their college
life will be good. the other part which was to get a
good contact list was equally important because the
leader of this nation wants it and in order for the
students to know which org to choose, they need a good
contact list. so… yehey! everyone seemed to open in
a good mood!
went to the internet cafe today and made some emails.
i had to rush becasue iain wanted the laptop to play
his dvd “shrek” for the students. our favorite word
for the week is “dodgy”.for some reason there is
something wrong with this keyboard. maybe it's a british
keyboard because the crosshatch and double quotes keys
have been interchanged! that's not the first time I
saw a weird keyboard here though. I had to fix a german
keyboard at the agriculture faculty and the Y and the Z
keys were interchanged. take note the letter Z is
pronounced “zed” by people here just like in burma instead
of the customar “zee” or “zay”.
i remember nancy sue staring into space and saying
“this is culture shock!”. She goes to the mess hall and
hears dari and when she goes to the living room she hears
filipino. paul had some good news today! we finally got
our business seminar invites to the second in command
in commerce. actually he's the acting officer now because
the top guy in that department went somewhere. they were
not able to finalize it though because he said there
were many corrections which is good because we really want
our invitations to be official looking! ha!
called mr. k today in singapore and hurray! hurray! he is
coming to kabul in a month or two. guess he has to finish
up his commitments in northern america and canada first.
but that's very very very good news because that means
that we can now do long term development plans! goodie!
my friend rachel ong is coming over for the business
seminar! yahoo! my other singaporean friend, gillian might
be coming with her mom and it would just be super duper
amazing if she comes as I will be able to hear her play
some of her superb classical piano pieces. that is, if
we can find a baby grand in kabul. we heard that there was
one in the kabul radio station but they said that it was
transferred to the communications office which is just
fine because one of our translators, kamal, has lots of
friends there. speaking of kamal, I need to schedule him
to come with me to follow-up our digital phones so that
we can email cheaply. all this business of going to the
cafe at the intercon hotel and even at pactec is just
a major energy drain. not that it's bad to come out of
the house once in a while but there's just so many dust
storms coming out every now and then and its a bummer just
to negotiate with the taxis in the city.
kevin and eric was hanging out with us today and together
with our translator latif, they got a quick lesson of
what kind of swords and sais can come out in a jiffy 🙂
anyway, since iain was really asking for the laptop, we
needed to rush to the university and that's where we
bumped into the second in command for commerce' son. he
seems to be very accomodating and turns out his aunt is
with social welfare and labor. it's funny how he says :
“my dad own all the business in kabul” which kind of makes
sense and “my aunt owns all the orphanages in kabul” which
also makes sense in a weird roundabout way.
missed opportunity of the day : paul got to meet the
father and he now wants english lessons every afternoon!
I should have been there but I was just too pooped out.
when I came back there was major major discussion of what
the attitudes of the people are and before I knew it I
was flat on my belly and getting a massage! thanks rommel.
I could hear neal coming to the gate and before I knew it
I was showing him my laptop since I think I got a virus
from him. this is really really a long day! mitzi came out
of nowhere asking me to host an impromptu talk show since
it was our ceo's birthday! yes yes yes yo! it's that time
of the year when you are just packed with stuff to do!
I told neal I am logging in at first
thing in the morning to buy anti-virus stuff! it's the
best in the world! don't believe people when they say
mcafee or norton are the bomb…nosireee! kaspersky is the
bomb! but don't take my word for it. dinner was a rush
affair and I just remembered that juliet left her laptop
so I can fix it and here I am typing this…oh man! just
after dinner we had a major meeting again regarding the
business seminar and then on with the david letterman
or my version of the letterbox show. we had a good show
and we also prayed and blessed our ceo. made a phone call
to sh and there was major major news. just shared with him
what's up with us and that we are moving very very fast
on many things. one of my major requests is to bring in
the heavy-hitters as the young people are all ready to
receive everything for us! and when I mean everything,
it's really everything. I can hear kris and chad in the
background. it's time to repair juliet's computer.


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